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My Top 3 Korean Foods Which You Must Try!

When it comes to Korean food, who can resist?

I know Korean Food has been widely on trend these past few years…and it has been better known as soon as K-pop and K-Drama have taken over the entertainment industry! Because who on the earth has never heard of K-pop?

Here in the article, I will introduce you few Korean Popular dishes which are personally in my recommendation list! ♥

♥ The first main dish here is guaranteed to be everyone’s favorite! It is Korean’s popular dish which is quick to make, easy to find and delicious to eat… you’re surely going to love this Korean Kim Bap (김밥) ! Whether it is brunch, lunch, dinner … or even snack (LOL) this rice roll kind of dish will make the best of your meal!

Photo Credit: Rightful Owner

Korean Kim Bap can be made with variety of meat depend on each one’s preference. As for me, I prefer the Tuna-rolled one. So, what basically is Korean Kim Bap? Korean Kim Bap is a seaweed rice roll pack in with different kinds of ingredients such as:

  • Steamed Rice (Of course LOL)
  • Carrot
  • Pickled Radish
  • Korean Kimchi (optional)
  • Egg
  • Tuna ( Optional)
  • Avocado (Recommended :D)
  • Crab Meat (The imitated one) 

** For this particular Korean Signature dish, I would rate 7/10 according to my food preference.

If the above Kim Bap has not seem to get your mouth-watering yet, let’s look into this following food which has consistently been on the top of my list although I don’t put it first on this list (LOL because I am not going through with any ranks here)

♥ If you happen to visit Korea, then this one is the most-often-seen one along those street food stalls in Korea! This spicy chewy, yet rich in flavor kind of food is the most popular one among all other kinds of Street foods. Is it descriptive enough for you to guess what it is? Well, I know you know what I am describing (LOL I hope so) obviously I am talking about Korean Tteok-boki (떡볶이). When it comes to Korean street food, I will never forget to grab this cup-served stir-fried rice cake!

Photo Credit: Rightful Owner

The taste of this amazing rice cake never fails to make me satisfied. It’s basically a Korean Rice cake which they stir in a gigantic pot of Korean Sticky Sauce (Red Chilli Paste with Sugar, Water …etc). They somehow add extra fish cake, spring onion as well as seaweed or egg onto the stir pot of Rice cake and Sauce.

Everything in that one cup-serving food alone gives you all the taste you ever wanted in the world! It comes out mildly sticky; kind of sweet, chewy, spicy and like mentioned above is super rich in flavor.

**This food is a MUST so you gotta try it out! Either in any of your local Korean

Photo Credit: Rightful Owner

Restaurants or any street food stalls (If you happen to be in Korea I mean LOL) 9/10!

Alright, when it comes to Korean Food you definitely can’t go without this special meal which has a bizarre look, yet gives you an unforgettable taste after your very first try!

♥This is Korean Black Bean Noodle or Jajang Myeon (자장면)

Jajang Myeon (자장면)

Black Noodle! Of course, it is covered in a thick Black bean bizarre sauce! I know it looks weird and I have to admit that I was hesitant to give it a bite at first but trust me! This meal is totally


worth a try and you will never be able to find such unique taste elsewhere besides in this bowl of Jajang Myeon.

The thick sauce of black bean paste comes along with diced pork and other kinds of veggie because Koreans will never go unhealthy, that’s a sure thing!

** Try this Korean Black Noodle with Korean Side dishes and you will surely love it! Rate 8/10!

So these are my top 3 recommended Korean Foods which have been jumping on my list.

Actually, there are many more of Korean Foods which I love but today I only chose 3 dishes to write about hoping I will be able to write more in the next article 🙂

THANKS FOR READING, and DON’T FORGET TO TRY THEM OUT ♥ I hope you will love them as much as I do ♥


A little truth you must confront

You know you will always meet different people in your life. People who will come to you then complete you, and also people who will come to you then leave you broken. fb11

Sometimes we don’t take into account these pieces of stuff happening around so seriously. Yet, we must face it that we all will or have encountered those people, either they come and stay or leave later. The truth is that no one can walk alone. Don’t ever lie to yourself that you are fine walking your own path all by yourself because loneliness haunts everyone. Sometimes we forget how joyful our lives shall be that we have to have people around since this can be the core of happiness. You won’t find happiness when you are surrounded by no one but one soul. Losing connections with important people in your life because you believe you can perform life well all by yourself, isolating yourself from friends because you don’t feel the need to. These are all an illusion…

You may meet people by chance, but you have the choice to keep or let them go. You are meant to be bumping into someone and later on, become friends. Family and Friends are precious. They are the components of happiness. Sure, your life goal may be about getting power, fame or wealth but for what are they for? The ultimate thing and the greatest thing in life is Happiness. People make mistake when they define happiness. Happiness does not only mean you get rich and famous, but happiness here is about you making the best of every moment of your life, not all by your own because it’s impossible that way, but with those people who are meant to be in your life. Cherish them, you may not need them now but there will be that one point in life when you will look back to those whom you have taken for granted, but I’m afraid that it will be too late for you to cover up what you have overlooked.

Cherish the moment, do good deeds, give people smile, give yourself smile, be optimistic and that is when you really are in happiness. Grant yourself that instant happiness, it needs no 5-10 years to be reached. Embrace and Love♥



Arranged or Loved Marriage?

Come and think about how it’s like…

An Arranged or Loved marriage? ♥

Whatever way you do believe in, things gotta be different.

G2First of all, one grows by itself. When I talk about Love, I refer to the insanely incredible force which for some reason, has an enormous power to take control over everything. You can’t see how love looks like, you can’t smell Love, You can’t touch Love, You can’t taste it but You definitely can feel it..; the feeling which can’t be interpreted into words, that feeling which can’t be described until you feel it yourself. When you feel the love, the real one I mean, You forget about everything but you are in your own world. You don’t feel the need, you ask for no more. You feel like you have enough, you feel like everything is complete. You feel free to be imperfect you afraid no more, you scare nothing. You left your mistakes behind because you feel secure that someone is there to help you correct them. You feel stronger because you have more than enough support and strength. You are more powerful because you are backed-up with power. Your everyday morning becomes beautiful; you want to wake up and fulfill the best of your day… The Power of Love.G1

Another one is forced to grow. And when I talk about forcing, it’s unreal and it’s hard at first. It’s unreal because the smile is not sincere. It is unreal because the jokes are not the same, it is unreal because of the weirdness in the glance of both pairs of eyes. It is unreal because of the awkwardness in conversation. It is unreal because of the total uncomfortable souls which are being forced. It is unreal because of the uncertainty about whether or not it will happen in the future or whether or not it will last. It is unreal because of the doubts, the misunderstandings, the lack of mutual understanding which you don’t feel opened to talk or do you ever wanted to share… What else? It is unreal because it was not you who created it in the very first place so you are just trying to film the rest of the show.

It is about how you want the rest of your life to be. Nothing is right or wrong. Nothing is good, Nothing is bad. NO ONE can see it through, except YOU who will walk your life and turn your direction. In the end, blame no one nor yourself. Remember, You are to control your own life whether it is good or bad, You must face it. If it comes in warm and nice, you feel good and enjoy it. If it comes in as a storm, at least you learn to adapt, to protect yourself. To fight through it, to go against it. Remember, whatever comes in, you are the one to control it. When life gives you lemon, make lemonade!